Waste Trommel Separators


The Trommel of series TR is used in the pre-treatment phase of plastic recycling. The Water Trommel of series AT is used after the cutting to wash high contaminated flexible materials.
The Sieving Trommel of series TRF is used to separate small size contaminants coming from pre – post selection materials.
The Bales Opener Trommel of series TRS is used to open flexible materials, to dose and to take off each body from another in the production flux in order to do a further selection.
The Wet Rotating Trommel of series LVPET is mainly used for treating high contaminated PET bottles and other rigid plastic containers/bottles that need to be pre washed before feeding the washing plant




Model A B C KW
(mm) (inch) (mm) (inch) (mm) (inch)
TRF 1300 3300 130 1600 63 2800 110 1,5
TRF 2000 6800 268 2200 87 5250 207 5,5
TRS 2000 6300 248 2200 87 2800 110 4
LVPET50-05 10000 394 5300 209 4900 193 12

All data are indicative and not binding. Tecnofer reserves the right to modify technical data and characteristics without prior notice.