20 August – 24 August 2012

Feira e Congresso de Integração da Tecnologia do Plástico
Pavillhões da Expoville, Joinville, BRASIL


7th Interplast and 1st EuroMold Brasil confirm public’s success with more than 28 thousand visits and R$ 480 million in business

Fair brought together the latest technologies for the plastic and mold industries and received visitors from 23 Brazilian states and 23 other countries.

The filled corridors and the high level of products and new technologies presented by exhibitors showed why Interplast – Trade Fair and Congress of Plastic Technology Integration – is consolidated as the sector’s most important fair in Latin America in 2012. Conducted in parallel was the 1st Latin American edition of EuroMold Brasil – International Trade Fair for Tool Manufacturers & Mold Builders – the world’s most important mold event, originally held in Frankfurt, Germany. Held from August 20-24th, in Expoville’s pavilions in Joinville/SC, the estimate is that the fairs generated about R$ 480 million in business during its five days and the six following months, due to the contacts initiated during the event.

With visitors coming from 23 Brazilian states and 23 other countries, the majority from South America, followed by the USA and Europe, the total public exceeded 28,000 visits. Professionals from the plastic industry were among the highest number of visitors to the event, followed by the automotive, electronic, electric-electronic, household appliance, construction, energy, petrochemical, engineering, transportation and logistics, foundry, among others.

Of the two fairs’ total public, 43.23% are professionals who occupy managerial positions in organizations, from supervisors to company presidents. The visitors’ main interest concentrated on machinery and equipment (33.86%), followed by raw materials (11.45%), automation and process controls (8.99%), packaging (7.95%) and, the remainder, divided into other activities.

Made possible through a partnership between the German organizer DEMAT and Messe Brasil, the fair was held in the new venue, attached to Expoville, built temporarily in 3,200 m². ‘The EuroMold Brasil Pavilion, directly connected with Interplast’s pavilions, allowed visitors to circulate between the two fairs, further leveraging the exchange that the simultaneity of events provided’, highlighted Richard Spirandelli, director of Messe Brasil.

Innovation was present in the Cintec 2012 Plásticos debates

Cintec 2012 Plásticos – Congress of Technological Innovation ended this Friday, August 24th, the cycle of lectures and mini courses, conducted in parallel with Interplast. The congress organized by Sociesc (Educational Society of Santa Catarina) was attended by 550 people.

The highlight was the opening lecture with José Ricardo Roriz Coelho, president of Abiplast (Brazilian Plastic Industry Association) on ‘Plastics processing sector: main challenges and quest for competitiveness’. Roriz stated during the lecture, that the current scenario is positive for the segment, with demand growth, driven by the population’s rising incomes. The segment consists of 11,500 companies and a major generator of jobs and income. ‘It is the industry’s third largest generator and pays the highest salaries among the five sectors that most employ in Brazil’, said the leader.

The major themes chosen by the event’s organizing committee were Management, Environment and Recycling, Raw Material, Machinery and Processes, Molds and Tools. Topics discussed, divided in the program, were present in most of the lectures for their importance and relevance.

Participants had the opportunity to share knowledge and experience, essential requirements in the choice of topics and speakers. ‘Due to the level of the lectures, attendees left the event aware of the need for the continuous quest for knowledge’, emphasizes Sniecikovski.

Events approved by exhibitors

The climate of satisfaction permeated the almost 25,000 m² of pavilions of Interplast and EuroMold Brasil. Exhibitors celebrated the good public who attended the fairs and the business and partnerships achieved during the event.

For the newcomers to EuroMold Brasil, the international credibility of the event weighed heavily. And the Brazilian edition lived up to expectations. ‘We were impressed with the structure and quality of the fair’s first edition. Undoubtedly, it exceeded, by far, our expectations. We were able to get closer to our customers, give prestige to the market and still prospect new partnerships’, says João Ricardo Nascimento, Polimold’s commercial representative.

Key figures of Interplast and EuroMold Brasil 2012

Number of exhibitors: 550 companies at Interplast and 80 at EuroMold Brasil
Area: 21,000 m² – Interplast and 3,200 m² – EuroMold Brasil
Number of visitors: 28,000
Estimated business: R$ 480 million (during and six months post-show)

Visiting countries

Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, El Salvador, Spain, USA, France, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Western Sahara, Thailand, Taiwan, Uruguay and Venezuela.