Plastic Washing Machines, Friction Washers

Friction Washer


The friction washer has been designed to wash high contaminated medium or big flakes of film or other materials which come from a primary shredder or from a grinder.

The centrifugal effect is based on mechanical friction combined with the use of a big quantity of water in order to guarantee a very good cleaning effect of the product. For less contaminated materials this machine can be used as ‘dry separator”.

The heavy duty inner rotor turns at high speed, and its dedicated geometry makes it possible to avoid blockings with medium-size pieces too. Contaminants and dirty water are then ejected through a holed screen and collected in the discharging stainless steel hopper.


Thanks to Tecnofer know-how, to the constant research and development and careful design based on the principles of maximum reliability, flexibility and versatility, the machine can be configured for special applications and for treating other materials.




Model A B C KW
(mm) (inch) (mm) (inch) (mm) (inch)
LO 15 RP 1915 75 1520 60 1425 56 15/22
LO 20 2250 89 1540 61 1670 66 22/30
LO 25 S 3050 120 1950 77 2350 99 45/55/75
LO 25 S RP 3050 120 1950 77 2350 93 45/55/75
LO 30 3626 143 2320 91 2230 88 75/90
LO 35 4250 167 2500 98 2600 102 132

All data are indicative and not binding. Tecnofer reserves the right to modify technical data and characteristics without prior notice.