3 November – 6 November 2015

19th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy, Recovery and Sustainable Development
Rimini, ITALIA


At Rimini fiera the planned rise of the international profile confirmed 103.514 visitators (+1,68% up on 2014)

Rimini, 6th November 2015 – Italy is focusing on the green economy to boost its upswing. This is the message from the expo days at Rimini Fiera, where the innovative proposals of the 1,200 companies and the contents of 200 seminars with over 1,000 speakers showed the importance of an industrial and scientific system up to the most advanced standards, as well as providing a model for other nations’ economies. The presence at the expos of industry and trade members from all over the world ensured the days a really international dimension.

103,514 (1.68% more than 2014) professional visitors attended over the four days, a figure that stabilizes the European ranking of Ecomondo and the expos held simultaneously with it. This figure also contains the planned rise of the foreign component, with almost 11,000 industry/trade members and 500 buyers from all over the world. Also worthy of mention were the numerous representatives from Iran and China, whose visits were organized along with the Ministry for Environment.
Business unit manager Simone Castelli comments, “The growth of Ecomondo and the expos held simultaneously with it is the result of the great work carried out with the aim of raising the international profile further, with over 50 events held all over the world in recent months, as well as the push towards new frontiers of development for the expos, which will increasingly involve all the industrial sectors in a process of integration under the banner of circular economy.”

The expo is fully perceived as an international level business appointment, a perception that takes the form of business and relations with new markets.

This is also thanks to the format of contacts between enterprises and foreign trade/industry members by means of Ecomondo’s online platform, which plans the business meeting agenda. As well as the delegations announced, in collaboration with the ICE delegations also arrived in Rimini from Algeria, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Malaysia whereas, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, delegations of 120 buyers also came from Iran and China.