7 November – 10 November 2012

16th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development
Rimini, ITALIA


84,351 trade visitors (11% more than 2011). Rimini Fiera´s huge international show dedicated to the green economy continues to surpass itself.

Full acknowledgement for an expo hub at the service of the economic growth of Italy´s industrial system, confirmed by the staging, precisely during the Rimini expo, of the General Assembly of the Green Economy, strongly pushed for by Italy´s Ministry for the Environment and coordinated by the Sustainable Development Foundation.

Showing how strategic a ´green´ footprint is for the entire national industry in the perspective of economic recovery for Italy is the tone of the message that the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano sent for the opening day, saying that ´Without further hesitation, Italy can and must make up for its delays in meeting European standards and take a more valid stance for defending the environment.´

Alongside these contents, Ecomondo, Key Energy and Cooperambiente added the representation of a solid industrial system, with over 1,200 companies that in the expos´ 16 halls proposed a range of technological solutions, showing vitality and competitiveness on an international scale.
From the historical core of the expo, based on the complete waste cycle, to the new frontiers that the culture of re-use proposes, the scenario offered by the expo was greatly appreciated. The degree of exhibitor satisfaction was very high, borne out by business concluded at the expo and participation already formalized with a view to 2013.

The international profile is now even higher: the number of foreign visitors rose by 10.4%. Excellent results were achieved by the international promotion work carried out in recent months to ensure exhibitors qualified contacts with foreign buyers from over twenty nations in which there is a growing demand for environmental technologies. The expos´ international profile will be the great new frontier for their further development.
Over 250 buyers were at the expos, where 3,055 business meetings were held (25% more than 2011), programmed on the online platform during the previous weeks.

´The 2012 balance of our expo dedicated to the environment is very positive,´ comments Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni. ´As well as the figures, there is also an acknowledgement of which we are proud – that of seeing the role of reference expo at international level being confirmed. The participation of exceptional guests and the Government´s decision to announce very important measures here in Rimini, fully repay the great commitment on behalf of the structure to organize a setting that was up to expectations. This is a success that I wish to share with the local area, since contents proposed by local organizations were in perfect sync with the innovations already at the expo.´

´The companies that prepared the General Assembly and those taking part here at Ecomondo,´ said Minister for the Environment Corrado Clini during his two days at Rimini Fiera, ´are companies that get things done, achieving results, and show that the green economy in Italy is the key for coming through the crisis. It is important to see over 1,000 people gathered in a room. Meetings are generally held to discuss problems. Here, Minister Passera and I are meeting the most dynamic social partners of the Italian economy, in other words green economy companies.´

Italy´s Minister for Economic Development Corrado Passera, at Rimini Fiera on Thursday 8th November, commented, ´What can be seen at this marvellous expo is the demonstration that the green economy is a powerful driving force for our country. Here, the Government has announced further initiatives, such as the eagerly awaited ´Conto Termico´, to further free the potential of an innovative and sector able create employment.´

´The Italian green economy,´ said the Chairman of the Sustainable Development Foundation Edo Ronchi, ´has found its ideal show in the appointment with Ecomondo and Key Energy, which this year attracted no less than 1,200 green companies to Rimini, showing that the sector is in excellent health and has good development potential. In fact, numerous companies are using eco-innovation as a key to recovery, as well as to development on foreign markets. Then the General Assembly of the Green economy – the expo´s opening event †with the interest it aroused and the huge participation of visitors and interlocutors among institutions and the economic and political world, showed us that the green economy is an unstoppable process and is destined to form a fundamental component of a strategy for economic recovery under the banner of sustainable development´.

CONAI chairman Roberto De Santis states, ´The annual appointment with Ecomondo is the well-established opportunity for presenting results, verifying progress achieved by the packaging waste recycling chain and drawing up the guidelines for achieving mid-long term objectives. In the light of the new 2020 objectives for recycling foreseen by the European Directive and acknowledged by Italy, this year Ecomondo was an opportunity for discussing the strategies that in coming years will be undertaken by institutions, companies and the population – and therefore the entire national set-up – precisely for the achievement of these new objectives.

The next appointment with the Ecomondo is at Rimini Fiera, from 6th to 9th November 2013.