FOOD DEPACKAGING SYSTEM 1 July 2015 TECNOFER depackaging system can be fully tailor-made; it effectively separates the products from the packaging, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Download pdf impianto-sconfezionamento-ita.pdf impianto-sconfezionamento-fra.pdf impianto-sconfezionamento-ing.pdf impianto-sconfezionamento-ru.pdf impianto-sconfezionamento-spa.pdf

Pulp Waste Treatment

Paper And Waste Pulp Recycling The waste paper recycling machine designed by Tecnofer can be customized according to the type of waste coming from paper mill industry. The pulp recycling process allows the recovery of the paper fibre that will be reused in the paper mill industry. The mechanical and electronic design of the different paper…