TECNOFER invests an important quote of its turnover in R&D, resulting in a constant flow of innovations allowing each Customer to increase the efficiency and productivity of the recycling plant, while for TECNOFER this is resulting in Company’s growth and excellent leadership


TECNOFER, since the very beginning, is monitoring the market’s needs, anticipating its tendencies and combining quality and flexibility at their best, by offering “turn-key” solutions.


The Company has always grown by investing in both professional staff and innovations applied to the equipments it manufactures, increasing and consolidating its know-how and corporate image, as many world-famous Companies have entrusted TECNOFER’s experience.



The automation applied to TECNOFER machines and plants targets their automatic control, thus favoring their quality, reliability and safety.
The applied software let operators manage all process alarms or messages in real time, with faster interventions, by limiting stopping times to a minimum.
Each and every phase of the whole process is automatically managed to obtain the highest productivity with the lowest energy consumption.
The potential of this system is to get analytic information on all working steps, useful for production statistics, quality control, retrace and optimization of production management.
These information are fundamental to organize production in compliance with both ecological regulations and economical targets deriving from an efficient performance of the equipment.

  • User-friendly interface

  • Remote real time control

  • Integration with quality system

  • Lower utility cost

  • Maximum efficiency

  • Process flexibility

  • Higher safety standard


Tecnofer has its own laboratory equipped with the latest tools for the general analysis of the material to be processed and of the output material from its machines.
The availability of this laboratory allows to analyze the material both for a preliminary study in view of a new machine design as well as for a functional study and testing with customer’s material.
Tecnofer has a special area called “Test area” where working tests take place processing samples and customer’s material with single or multiple machines.The aim is to test and maximize the quality of the product being processed and the efficiency of Tecnofer’s technology which the customer can experience from the very first approach.


TECNOFER’s sales & technical staff professionally guides the Customer in choosing the most suitable recycling plant, studying customized solutions where needed, until the installation design into the destination site plan.
Thanks to highly specialized staff, TECNOFER trains Customer’s personnel, as: machinery fitters, operators, production managers, maintenance personnel and supervisors.

Training targets:

  • Safe familiarity with control and management software

  • Knowledge of safety devices

  • Knowledge of automatic control and management

  • Knowledge of production process to maintain, in time, both quality and reliability

  • Knowledge of the main operation processes to diagnose and maintain the wearing parts and electric components

  • Reduction of service alarms/messages to consequently reduce the related costs

  • Increase and ensure the production capacity

  • Better technical competence and higher self-responsibility






The continuity of the relationship with the customer is guaranteed by TECNOFER LONG LIFE CARE service.
RELIABILITY AND EFFICIENCY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: every TECNOFER’s machine/plant is designed and built by respecting this principle, to find practical expression:

  • in the scrupulous selection of building materials

  •  in the design for an easy and fast maintenance of machinery

  • in the use of the highest precision machinery

  • in the use of the most advanced manufacturing technique

The aim is to ensure the best performances and the long-term production stability, strategic success keys of our customers.



  • maintain over time the maximum productivity

  • prevent technical problems and machine stops

  • extend the remaining life of the machine/system

  • progress from exceptional maintenance to scheduled maintenance

  • keep your staff fully up-to-date about maintenance procedures and possible simplifications/optimizations

  • be updated on the possible implementations of consumption reduction systems in accordance with the current HIGH EFFICIENCY TECNOFER standards

  • know the flexibility and adaptability for processing new materials present on the market


The protection of worker’s safety and health, more than a legal obligation, is for TECNOFER a moral commitment. To protect workers’ safety means to protects TECNOFER’s human resources as well as business; it means also to ameliorate workers relationships, the Company’s organization and efficiency and therefore its competitiveness in the world’s market.
TECNOFER machines and plants are designed and manufactured to optimize safety, quality and reliability.
All TECNOFER machines and plants are supplied with Certification of Conformity to the following European regulations:


  • 2006/42/EC Directive on machinery

  • 2014/35/EU Directive on low voltage

  • 2014/30/EU Directive on electromagnetic compatibility


Electric and Electronic components respect the CENELEC standards and conformity is certified by IMQ.





Facing tomorrow’s challenges – emissions and climate changes, scarce availability of water and other non-renewable resources – TECNOFER made sustainable development a strategic target of its market penetration, applied to all of the machines and plants manufactured in its premises.
Environment’s protection, being today the centre of social & political economies and industrial activities, is for TECNOFER a moral target for serving future generations.
All TECNOFER recycling plants are equipped with integrated management systems, in order to optimize water and energy consumptions.

We are the Ambassador of a sustainable way of producing Recycling Technology and Waste Recovery through a systemic approach, starting from waste raw materials turned into new resources. Our production and business processes are inspired by circular economy principals in order to protect people and our environment.

We want to share with you our worldview by telling the choices we make. For Tecnofer sustainability is:

Sustainability incorporated in all of our machines starting from the project phase:

  • Being one of the leading manufacturers of recycling and waste recovering technologies we make use of our knowledge and we invest constantly in Research & Development to support a Sustainable Business widely spread in many fields of application of our know-how.
  • All our plants are equipped with integrated management systems in order to optimize water and energy consumptions.
  • Energy Saving, High Efficiency and Reliability concepts are determined by ROI index-return on investment- of an investment in capital goods. For this reason our design principles are based to guarantee minimum consumptions and working maximum efficiency levels with minimum maintenance costs.
  • The energetic consumption of a machine/industrial system has an important role in the production cost: REDUCED CONSUMPTIONS = REDUCED COSTS= COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.
  • Optimization of water consumption due to integrated filtration systems which reduce net water consumption.
  • The tailored installation proposal is based on the Optimization principle to save Volumes and Spaces  occupied.
  • Top level automation and Integrated Remote Assistance allow to minimize the reaction intervention times and related travels, reducing all the connected emissions.

“It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives;

it is not the strongest that survives;

but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt to

and to adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself”

Charles Robert Darwin

We promote real Partnerships with our Customers and Suppliers;
a constant and long-lasting collaboration is essential to develop Innovative and Sustainable solutions.

We firmly believe in Partnerships with our Customers with whom we share the goals of the Sustainable Development for safeguarding our environment.

TECNOFER technology contributes to realize ambitious projects of Client Companies all over the world in order to achieve important goals such as:

  • make recycling and waste recovering a new business;
  • improve or convert the production process;
  • recover the waste of production process;
  • reduce the disposal costs of waste production;
  • improve the ecological footprint as ethical and moral purpose.


“The greatest threat to our planet

is the belief that someone else will save it”

Robert Swan

We think of our planet:

30% of our 40.000 square meters of industrial area is used as green area with 765 trees planted inside the property that help mitigate the greenhouse effect, by absorbing carbon dioxide as well as the man-made climate-change emissions. The plants produce oxygen and increase biodiversity. We consider trees the envoys of our brand and environment commitment, Tecnofer does like the trees that changes leaves but keep its roots.


“All things are united by invisible bonds.

You can’t pick a flower without upsetting a star.

Galileo Galilei

  • We constantly invest in the upgrading of our infrastructures to make them sustainable and more efficient thanks to greener and environmentally friendly technologies and industrial processes 4.0.

  • As of 2018 we have decided to provide ourselves with defibrillator in order to strengthen more and more our healthy and security path and to welcome our visitors in an avant-garde environment here too. People trained to use this tool have undergone a path of awareness to safety issues too. The defibrillator has been recorded on a regional website and for its traceability it may be used also by health care professionals who might found themselves needing around Tecnofer.
  • As of 2019 we have offered to all Tecnofer staff a welfare plan to be spent in several fields included health prevention also for his own family.
  • During COVID-19 emergency we have implemented additional measures compared to the compulsory ones for the safeguard of all personnel and visitors as well as made an insurance policy for the personnel protection.
  • We support since ever one of the main Italian charity for the treatment of rare genetic diseases.




  • We support AIRC – Italian Association for the Cancer Research and the widespread of a correct information about the results obtained, about prevention and therapeutic prospects.






“Follow the three R:

Respect for self,

Respect for others

and Responsibility for all your actions”

Dalai Lama

Tecnofer has always grown by investing in the best professionals. This is our motto:

“The Sense of Belonging, Courage and Intellectual Curiosity inspire our way of being and identify people we work with”.

  • As of 2019 we have offered to all Tecnofer staff a welfare plan to be spent in several fields included health prevention also for his own family.
  • We firmly believe that look after the health and care of our own collaborators is a  key factor for an healthy and growing business. This is the reason why one of the main goal of TECNOFER is the creation of a better working environment and increasingly focused on facilitating a better combination between private and professional life of our employees, of human capital development and the growth of the sense of belonging through a series of initiatives aimed at increasing the wellness of our employees and their families.


We bring the Culture of Sustainability in the schools because we believe that only with the awareness and recycling education of new generations will be possible to live in a sustainable way protecting the environment.

  • We have created within the Company a dedicated space of 413 square meters for the Sustainable Culture diffusion: visit our T Lab “TECNOFER Laboratory of ideas and always-new technologies”
  • Our welfare plan can be spent by all TECNOFER personnel also in study and training courses of all levels both in Italy and abroad for themselves and their families.

  • We support civic and no-profit organizations serving the local community in which we operate.
  • Since 2011 we support FAI in order to protect and preserve the culture and natural heritage of the world.

We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors

We Borrow It from Our Children

Proverb of American Indians